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For decades, British hairdressing has created defining, iconic hairstyles from the classic 60s bob and Britpop-inspired looks of the 90s to today’s headline-making regal styles.


British Hair combines this heritage with the latest ingredient innovations to create a professional product range that protects, nourishes and enhances your hair.


The range is designed to be compact, concise and consumer friendly to ensure you can create beautiful, head-turning styles with ease.


British Hair products are created and manufactured by Naturich Labs, Inc, which was founded by a world renowned formulator of premium hair and skin care products with 30 years of experience in natural and organic formulations. A state of the art range of products has been created for British Hair to fulfill the needs of the beauty professional for a premium product line.


"Our mission at British Hair is to provide the best performing products using natural and biodegradable materials, in a most affordable price range."


British Hair is dedicated to creating the highest performing products formulated with mostly naturally derived ingredients for premium functionality. The wisdom of ancient Herbal and the most modern Cosmetic Sciences are uniquely blended to provide the highest performing line of products. By combining the vast knowledge and experience of Naturich Labs with British Hair, we will provide our customers with the finest hair care products.


British Hair Products are manufactured at a facility which is:


  • FDA-registered

  • OTC-certified

  • cGMP compliant 

  • Certified Organic manufacturer

  • Full-service R&D

  • In-house micro testin

For more information visit the website at:

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