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Paul and Joe of Maverick Hair and Beauty will be visiting Cosmoprof in Bologna, Italy from the 19th of March to the 22nd. Contact us if you would like to meet up with us whilst we are there!

Maverick to visit Cosmoprof Bologna

Early in the year, Maverick visited the global headquaters of KIN Cosmetics, a world renowned international brand that Maverick is bringing to the UK! The headquaters is located on the Costa Brava in Spain.

Maverick visits KIN Cosmetics

Paul and Joe of Maverick Hair and Beauty visited the MashUp Academy in Salerno, Italy earlier in the year. MashUp has a unique education system based on a mash up of British schooling and Italian creativity. They sure do live by their name!

Maverick visits the MashUp Academy

Maverick presents MGroom at Salon International

Maverick Hair and Beauty were at Salon International 2014 in October to launch the new mens grooming brand MGroom in the UK. The launch was a massive success, sparking lots of interest in the new brand and Maverick itself!

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